How to Draw Flowers

Tulip, Cherry Blossoms & Rose

How to Draw Flowers

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Flowers: Some are big, some are small. Some are sweet-smelling and some are smelly, like the Titan arum. Anyone can learn how to draw flowers because the procedure is always the same: First you grasp the basic shape of the flower, then you draw the sketch based on it, and finish the drawing by adding all the details and placing shadows.

Learn to draw a tulip

The tulip is very easy to draw, because we only need to draw four petals, three of which are even barely visible.

In the first step we look at the basic form of the flower. It looks like an egg that would have loved to be a cube.

The stem of the flower starts directly below the egg cube in the middle.

Tulip draw basic shape

In the second step we get more specific and draw the outlines of the four petals as a sketch.

The petal on the left takes up the largest area of the flower, so we save a lot of work on the remaining petals.

Draw sketch of Tulip

In the third step we can now work on the details.

Tulips come in a variety of colours, some of which sometimes have strong contrasts on the individual petals. In this example, however, we are dealing with a very simple tulip.

Gentle strokes run along each petal, starting at the stem and ending at the edge of the petal. The course of the strokes is important to give the tulip its three-dimensionality. The shadow cast is also important, as the two upper petals will cast a gentle shadow on the petal below.

Drawing Tulip

Learn to draw cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms may seem very intimidating at first sight, but even they are quite easy to draw.

The basic form of a cherry blossom resembles a lampshade in the shape of a hollow hemisphere.

But since a cherry blossom is never alone, we need a small group of lampshades of different sizes, all facing in different directions. All lampshades are connected to the slightly thicker branch by thin, slightly bent stems.

Cherry blossoms draw basic shape

The most tricky element of cherry blossoms are the fine stamens. However, these are basically nothing more than long, slightly curved straws with a small ball on top. They start in the middle of the lampshade and grow evenly away from the petals.

Each cherry blossom appears to have about five or six petals, whose shape is strongly influenced by the orientation of the lampshade.

Drawing cherry blossoms Sketch

The shadows on the bright petals are very fine, but still we cannot ignore them. The outer part of the lampshades, of which you can see a lot on the lowest flower on the right, is usually much shadier than the inner part.

The centre of the flowers, where the stamens grow out, is the darkest part of the flower. We should also provide very fine shadows at the base of the straws or stamens here.

Last but not least, we draw the stems and the thin branch of the cherry blossom with a particularly dark or soft pencil.

Draw cherry blossoms

Learn to draw a rose

The rose is the clear winner among flowers when it comes to drawing. No other flower is as often searched on Google, so of course she should not be missing in this post.

Roses are considered to be particularly romantic and elegant, but their basic shape can be captured with two simple cups stuck into each other.

On the lower cup there are curved triangles, which later become green leaves, and the stem of the rose.

Draw a rose Basic form

Next we dedicate ourselves to a very detailed sketch, because without it it will become extremly difficult to draw the rose.

When drawing the petals, we imagine that we put them around the cups. The inner cup is filled completely with petals, while the outer cup is filled with only a few petals.

The shape of the cups can be slightly off a little bit, because otherwise the rose does not look realistic.

Draw a rose Sketch

In the last step we now add shadows and structure to the rose. The cleaner we have drawn the sketch, the easier this step becomes (although a rose is generally not easy to draw).

We have to shade every single petal of the rose, but we can cheat a little on the structure: It is enough to apply even, fine strokes to the large rose petals at the bottom of the cup to emphasize the illusion of structure throughout the rose.

The shadows in the inner cup all become brighter towards the edge of the rose petal. Sounds simple, but has a great effect in the mass of petals.

Rose zeichnen

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