Drawing Cherry Blossoms with Pencils

Drawing Cherry Blossoms with Pencils

Cherry blossoms may seem very intimidating at first glance, but like all flowers, they are pretty easy to draw in theory. The example drawings are drawn with pencils, but you can also follow the instructions wonderfully with colored pencils.

Basic Shape of Cherry Blossoms

The basic form of a cherry blossom resembles a lampshade in the shape of a hollow hemisphere.

But since a cherry blossom is never alone, we need a small group of lampshades of different sizes, all facing in different directions. All lampshades are connected to the slightly thicker branch by thin, slightly bent stems.

Cherry blossoms draw basic shape

Detailed Sketch of Cherry Blossoms

The most tricky element of cherry blossoms are the fine stamens. However, these are basically nothing more than long, slightly curved straws with a small ball on top. They start in the middle of the lampshade and grow evenly away from the petals.

Each cherry blossom appears to have about five or six petals, whose shape is strongly influenced by the orientation of the lampshade.

Drawing cherry blossoms Sketch

Finished Drawing of Cherry Blossoms

The shadows on the bright petals are very fine, but still we cannot ignore them. The outer part of the lampshades, of which you can see a lot on the lowest flower on the right, is usually much shadier than the inner part.

The centre of the flowers, where the stamens grow out, is the darkest part of the flower. We should also provide very fine shadows at the base of the straws or stamens here.

Last but not least, we draw the stems and the thin branch of the cherry blossom with a particularly dark or soft pencil.

Draw Cherry Blossoms

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