Drawing & Painting Nature

Drawing & Painting Nature

Learn to paint and draw nature step by step

Painting trees, plants, and landscapes can be easy! All you need are watercolors, brushes, and paper. Let's paint together step by step and create beautiful nature scenes. All tutorials include examples and explanations and are for both beginners and intermediates.

Tips and Tricks for Nature Drawings and Paintings

As with all art pieces, a good sketch will make it much easier to draw or paint our nature-inspired art.

Painting Nature Scenes as a Beginner

Don’t be afraid, many nature motifs are suitable for beginners. Apart from some complex paintings, there are many ideas for simple nature paintings.

We can start with simple things like stones or grasses and work our way up to trees, flowers, waterfalls, etc.

If you’ve never painted with watercolor before, take a look at the basics of watercolor painting supplies & techniques.


Landscapes are amazing because there are no limits to what you can create. You can use stunning references or let your imagination run wild to create your own worlds.

When painting landscapes, depth and spatiality are key. To achieve this, it’s helpful to think in layers. Objects in the background should be smaller and paler than those in the foreground. Knowing about different perspectives can make things easier too.

Landscape art doesn’t need as many details as portraits do. Can you imagine drawing every single leaf in a forest? Instead, focus on creating a mood in your picture using colors and contrasts. This is much more important than getting every detail right.

Whether it is painting or drawing nature, these are the most popular scenes:

Drawing on-site or rather from the comfort of your home?

Professional artists will always tell us to draw from living objects. They are not so wrong, because in fact we learn best on the spot to see things and we can transfer them better on paper.

Yet, this can be easy or difficult, depending on the subject. Sometimes it’s easy to draw from real things, like when we draw a plant from our windowsill. But sometimes it’s hard, like when we’re in a canoe on a river and bloodthirsty mosquitoes are bothering us

It’s okay to draw at home because the most important thing is to have fun while drawing no matter where we are.

Drawing the Spree Forest on Site