Are you a beginner and want to learn how to draw or paint? On this page you will find useful articles that deal with the basics of painting and drawing, as well as simple exercises to help you take the first steps into your new hobby. All tutorials and articles are completely free.

Drawing Basics

Painting Basics

Art Theory

Practice Drawing and Painting

Practice makes perfect - that is indeed the case with painting and drawing. Talent is certainly helpful in making faster progress, but since it is a craft, anyone can really learn it and also perfect it. You just have to take the time to practice.

Above all, it is important not to lose the joy in the process of getting better. If we get to know the basics, we will also develop a certain self-confidence in our craft. After all, we know what we are doing and why. This way we don’t give insecurity a chance to take away our joy in this hobby!

By the way, painting and drawing are like riding a bicycle: Even after a long break, we don’t unlearn it and get back into it very quickly.