Drawing a Rose with Pencils

Drawing a Rose with Pencils

Drawing roses is not as hard as it looks. Learn here how to draw a rose in just 3 steps. Although we are only working with pencil in this article, the tips will help just as well when drawing a rose with colored pencils.

Basic Shape of the Rose

Roses are considered to be particularly romantic and elegant, but their basic shape can be captured with two simple cups stuck into each other.

On the lower cup there are curved triangles, which later become green leaves, and the stem of the rose.

Draw a Rose Basic Shape

Detailed Sketch of the Rose

Next we dedicate ourselves to a very detailed sketch, because without it it will become extremly difficult to draw the rose.

When drawing the petals, we imagine that we put them around the cups. The inner cup is filled completely with petals, while the outer cup is filled with only a few petals.

The shape of the cups can be slightly off a little bit, because otherwise the rose does not look realistic.

Draw a rose Sketch

Finished Drawing of the Rose

In the last step we now add shadows and structure to the rose. The cleaner we have drawn the sketch, the easier this step becomes (although a rose is generally not easy to draw).

We have to shade every single petal of the rose, but we can cheat a little on the structure: It is enough to apply even, fine strokes to the large rose petals at the bottom of the cup to emphasize the illusion of structure throughout the rose.

The shadows in the inner cup all become brighter towards the edge of the rose petal. Sounds simple, but has a great effect in the mass of petals.

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