Learn how to draw

Free online drawing courses on How-to-Art.com

I am convinced that anyone can learn to draw. On How-to-Art.com you can find different tutorials and drawing courses with easy instructions and sample pictures for realistic drawings. It is mainly about traditional drawing with pencil and colored pencil. Everything is easily accessible online and of course completely free!

Drawing is fun, especially when you see progress. I'm not a professional artist or art teacher, but over the years I've learned a few helpful things about drawing that I'd like to share. And since you never stop learning, there's always something new to write about.

Drawing with coloured pencils

Learn how to draw sketches

No drawing can do without a sketch, so we have to also deal with this topic if we want to learn to draw. But once you get the hang of it, it's just as much fun as drawing!

Learn how to paint

Once you have learned to draw and sketch, most of us want to try painting as well. The selection of different materials is large, but on How-to-Art.com only the topic of watercolour painting is dealt with in more detail.