Art Tutorials: Learn How to Draw & Paint Online

Do you want to improve your art skills? Learn to draw, paint, and sketch for free with easy step-by-step tutorials.

On you will find various art tutorials with which you can learn how to draw, sketch, and paint realistically. The tutorials are mainly focused on traditional art using pencils, colored pencils, and watercolor. Everything is easily accessible online and of course completely free!

Learn How to Draw

Drawing is a fun hobby, especially when you see progress. I am neither a professional artist nor an art teacher, but I have picked up a few helpful things about drawing over the years that I would like to share.

I believe that anyone can learn how to draw. It’s a skill that can be acquired through practice and patience. And the great thing about learning how to draw is that you don’t need any exceptional talent or innate ability - just a willingness to learn!

The tutorials on cover how to draw various things like people, animals, nature, and more. If prior knowledge from another article or tutorial is necessary, it’s always linked and easy to find.

Drawing for Beginners

Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Sketch

No drawing can do without a sketch, so learning how to sketch is a crucial skill you need if you want to improve your drawings. But don’t worry, once you’ve got the hang of it, sketching is much fun and can truly help you bring up your artwork to the next level.

Learn How to Sketch

Learn How to Sketch

Learn How to Paint with Watercolor

Watercolors are excellent for beginners who aren’t too familiar with painting yet. But that doesn’t mean that professionals don’t paint with them. Those who are good at painting with watercolors can create truly magnificent artwork!

I consider myself a beginner when it comes to painting. Before writing watercolor tutorials, I primarily try to answer my own questions through research and mere trial and error.

Therefore, the articles are accompanied by explanations and sample paintings to better share what I’ve learned. However, the articles are not always just tutorials or instructions, but also other interesting topics about painting.

Watercolor Painting: Supplies & Techniques

Learn to Paint with Watercolor

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