How to Draw a House

How to Draw a House

Inspired by the Buildings in Hanoi, Vietnam

On a trip in 2018, I drew in Hanoi a house in my travel sketchbook that I firmly promised myself one day to redraw on a larger format.

At first glance it may look like a complex drawing, but essentially it is just multiple small drawings. We look at the building from the front and use only one single vanishing point.

Sketch House Hanoi

Find references for drawing

With a reference we are always on the safe side with every drawing, because many motifs are really difficult to draw from memory. For our house, we can find a suitable reference on a walk or online. In my case, I use various photos from my trip at the time.

Hanoi Buildings
Hanoi Houses
Hanoi Building
Hanoi House

Vanishing Point: Perspective for Depth

To give our house depth and make it look 3 dimensional, we should work with one or more vanishing points. In our example drawing, we used only one vanishing point, which is located in the center of the house. While in the front all lines are at a 90° angle to each other, all side lines point towards the vanishing point.

It's best to take your time for the sketch, because with all the angles and lines, it's easy to get confused. If you recognize mistakes too late, correcting them can be quite difficult or even impossible.

Fluchtpunktperspektive Haus zeichnen

From Sketch to Drawing

Each section of our house looks different and needs its own sketch, with which we plan the structure and details. Afterwards we can elaborate the elements with colored pencils or watercolors, depending on the material we use for our artwork.

Balcony Sketch
Balcony Drawing colored pencils

Even if we break down the drawing into separate sections, the finished drawing should look like one unit. To tie all the sections together, we need some connecting elements: In the example drawing, two rain gutters connect the sections vertically, while the numerous cables connect them horizontally. And that makes our drawing complete!

House Drawing

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