How to Draw a Banana

How to Draw a Banana

Bananas are a fun fruit to eat and they are also a lot of fun to draw. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a banana using some simple shapes and lines. I will also show you how to add some shading to your drawing for extra realism. So let’s get started!

Drawing a Sketch of the Banana

Since the banana is a light-colored fruit, it’s best to use a 2H pencil for the sketch. This one is exceptionally light and won’t smudge when you draw over it later with the colored pencils. Harder pencils are generally good for sketching. If you only have an HB at hand, you can use it as well but should only press it down very lightly when drawing.

If you look at an unpeeled banana, you can see fine edges: if you peel it, the peel bursts right along these edges. They leave very gentle marks on the flesh of the fruit. Therefore, mark these edges in your sketch.

It is also essential that the skin of the banana is not as thin as a sheet of paper. To avoid making mistakes here, you can finely sketch the whole flesh and then put the thick skin around it.

Banana Sketch

Drawing a Banana with Colored Pencils

You can follow this tutorial by working exclusively with pencils, but I would recommend working with colored pencils for a yummy-looking banana if possible.

Drawing the Flesh of the Banana

For the flesh, a light brown or natural yellow works well (ochre yellow for example), and you barely need to press down the colored pencil when drawing.

Model the flesh of the banana with the colored pencil, drawing strokes parallel to each other. Where there are shadows, put a bit more pressure on.

Gently trace the edges in the flesh with the colored pencil you have previously drawn with your pencil.

Drawing a Banana with Colored Pencils

Drawing the Inside of the Banana Skin

After you drew the flesh, the inside of the banana skin should be a breeze because both areas are drawn very similarly, which is why you should use the same colored pencil.

Drawing the Inside of the Banana Skin

Drawing the Outside of the Banana Skin

For the outside of the banana skin, it’s best to use a bright yellow, which will be the dominant color. However, for a real-looking banana, you also need a dark brown as well as a bright green.

To make the banana keep its shape, draw the edges a little lighter than the rest of the skin. With the brown pencil, draw the shadows on the skin as well as isolated beauty spots.

Depending on the degree of ripeness, the skin does not just end with a clean-cut brown section. You can draw in a little green between the brown and yellow for a banana that is not perfectly ripe. If it is a little riper, no more green is needed. In this case, however, the skin should then show a few more brown spots.

Drawing Banana Skin with Colored Pencils

Practice How to Draw a Banana

Congratulations, you have learned how to draw a banana with colored pencils step by step. If you found it helpful and also drew a banana while reading, feel free to share your drawing below in the comments. And hopefully, you didn’t forget to eat the banana.

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