Amazing Artists on Instagram

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Amazing Artists on Instagram


Instagram is home to countless artists from all over the world who upload new artwork every day. If you’re looking for inspiring additions to your feed, then you’ve come to the right place! The following artists are definitely worth a follow, because not only are their works particularly inspiring, you can also learn a lot from them.

Aria Fawn

Aria Fawn (@ariafawnart) creates fantastic worlds with extra details, allowing you to go on a journey to explore in each image. The uploads are also always accompanied by some close-ups, which makes it easier to explore.

Aria Fawn’s works are also a wonderful inspiration when it comes to artistic work with colors. Even with very colorful images containing many different colors, the images always look harmonious.

Burhani Annas

Burhani Annas (@burhaniannas) masters hatching techniques on a grandiose level and impresses with clear strokes.

But the works of Burhani Annas are not only brilliant in terms of craftsmanship: The actual drawing ideas and (the sometimes also shared) original references from which these drawing ideas have emerged also make you marvel or giggle.

Don Mupasi

Don Mupasi’s (@visualdon) 3D animations are simply brilliant and out of this world. 3D animation is an extremely complex field and a very time-consuming craft, so you have to expect fewer uploads here. The account is definitely worth a follow though.

Some of the uploads are animation videos that can be played in an infinite loop, so you have to be careful not to be completely captivated by them.

Eva Toorenent

The artworks of Eva Toorenent (@evaboneva) are strange in the most positive sense. Her fantasy creatures are often inspired by animals, but sometimes they are purely creative creations that are as impressive as they are cute.

Such extraordinary ideas require an extremely creative mind. Anyone who has ever tried to draw something that doesn’t exist will understand where the real hurdles lie here.

Felicia Chiao

Felicia Chiao (@feliciachiao) is a true master when it comes to spaces and perspectives.

A handful of characters animate these perspective spaces: all her works seem to tell a unified story about them, and each new upload seems to be a continuation of the story.

It’s the mix of perspective perfection and the dreamy characters that make Felicia Chiao’s works so unique.

Miho Hirano

Miho Hirano (@mihohiranoart) creates a gentle fusion between people and nature in her works. Many of the portraits wear flowers, branches or plants in the hair, whereby these can sometimes hang down quietly or blow in the wind.

Also interesting are the color combinations, which are mostly characterized by pastel tones and seem to give the artworks a kind of calm.

Thalia Stanton

Thalia Stanton (@tahliastanton) not only paints beautiful artwork, she also seems to have a huge joy in painting, which you can feel very great in her short videos.

It’s impossible to follow her account and not get in a good mood, equally she inspires you with her positive nature to pick up a paintbrush and create something creative as well.

Timothy Von Rueden

Timothy Von Rueden (@vonnart) draws highly creative and extremely versatile fantasy drawings that contain an impressive amount of detail, all very cleanly executed.

If you like pencil drawings, you will find great pleasure and hopefully inspiration in this account. In addition, every Sunday in the story you will also be informed about Pancake Sunday, which is as much a part of Timothy Von Rueden’s account as his wonderful drawings.

Photo of Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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