Inktober Challenge

Inktober Challenge

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I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I decided to participate in the Inktober at the end of September. It couldn’t be that difficult, I thought to myself. Seeing what other artists upload would certainly motivate me to be more disciplined. Wouldn’t it?

What is the Inktober?

Every year since 2009, Inktober founder Jake Parker publishes a list of words for which artists post an ink drawing on Instagram every day from October 1st to October 31st, and then add #Inktober to it. This way you can find all participants, follow the different interpretations and discover great artists every day.

All Jake had in mind when he came up with the Inktober was to get artists to draw daily. Therefore the rules are not set in stone and next to the list of Jake's original you will find dozens of alternatives like the #Catober.

Inktober Day 2: Mindless

The smart ones prepare ahead in time

There is a reason why Jake publishes his list already at the beginning of September: You have enough time to plan and prepare the drawings in advance.

I stumbled into the Inktober with the intention to finish one drawing every day and of course I didn't make it. Often I was several days behind and made many simple drawings just to catch up. In the end, it was so bad that I could not finish the Inktober up until November 10th. So the discipline thing didn't work out that well. 😅

Inktober Day 8: Frail

The best thing about the Inktober

Probably the best thing about the Inktober is that you have to come up with new ideas for things you wouldn't normally think of. This is what happened to me, for example, with the prompt ride.

Horses are not exactly my speciality, so that was not an option for me. I had the idea to draw a horseman on a flying dragon, but the dragon had already been a prompt on day 12 and the drawings should be as diverse as possible.

So instead of a dragon, I drew a turtle and I must admit that this drawing has become my personal favourite.

Inktober Day 28: Ride

Inktober 2020 – New year, new luck

Even though many drawings in 2019 did not turn out so well, the Inktober has certainly taught me a lot. So next year I will definitely take up the challenge again, but I will start with the preparations early.

All drawings from the Inktober 2019

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Inktober Day 8: Frail
Inktober Day 9: Swing
Inktober Day 10: Pattern
Inktober Day 11: Snow
Inktober Day 12: Dragon
Inktober Day 13: Ash
Inktober Day 14: Overgrown
Inktober Day 15: Legend
Inktober Day 16: Wild
Inktober Day 17: Ornament
Inktober Day 18: Misfit
Inktober Day 19: Sling
Inktober Day 20: Tread
Inktober Day 21: Treasure
Inktober Day 22: Ghost
Inktober Day 23: Ancient
Inktober Day 24: Dizzy
Inktober Day 25: Tasty
Inktober Day 26: Dark
Inktober Day 27: Coat
Inktober Day 28: Ride
Inktober Day 29: Injured
Inktober Tag 30: Catch
Inktober Tag 31: Ripe

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