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How to Draw Long Hair

Duration: About 30 minutes

How to Draw Long Hair


Drawing long hair is not really difficult, but it is so versatile that you have to get to know different hairstyles and hair structures through practice before you can become a true master. In this tutorial we will focus on the basics of dark and light long hair.

Step 1: Planning hairstyle

The starting point for our hairstyle is the skull. It should be thinly drawn so that it is not visible later, but we can orientate ourselves on it when building the hairstyle.

Draw long hair: Hairstyle planning

First we mark the course of the hairline. With many hairstyles it is visible at least in one place and should not be forgottento be drawn.

Draw long hair: Sketch hairline

Now you can draw in some important hair strands. For example, a strand like the red one would be important because it lies over the top hair and even over the ear. To avoid messing up the drawing, you should never draw over this strand of hair. The part marked green should be drawn neatly behind the ear, so that the hair looks neatest there. At the back of the head, the hair is divided into two parts: The blue and the purple part, with the blue part overlying the purple part a bit.

Draw long hair: Help lines hairstyle

We now have a well structured sketch to start drawing the long hair.

Draw long hair: Guidelines

Step 2: Draw the individual hair strands

Don’t worry, it sounds like an awful lot of work to draw each strand of hair separately, but it is done surprisingly fast! From here on we always look at first dark and then blond hair.

→ Jump to blond hair

Draw the individual strands of dark hair

Even if you might think that dark hair needs to be drawn immediately with a dark pencil, you should start with a light pencil. Because of light reflections, dark hair can also have many light areas. We start with an HB pencil.

Let’s start with the neat part, because it is the easiest to draw. In principle, all you have to do here is place strokes of different lengths next to each other to achieve a nice shiny effect.

Draw long hair: Dark hair

Now it goes to the individual long strands, each of which is drawn piece by piece from top to bottom to the end.

Draw long hair: Dark hair step by step

With long hair, individual strands of hair take different paths. They lie on top of each other, under each other and cross each other. If you draw them individually and one after another, you have much better control over everything and can avoid mistakes.

Draw long hair: Dark hair

Done, right? No! Luckily we thought about the hairline while planning, because it is still missing and will now be completed with short strokes.

Draw long hair: Dark hair

Now we continue with a 2B pencil. With this pencil we go over all the hair strands again and can highlight certain areas in darkness. The part with the neat hair, for example, becomes darker at the top of the head and just before the ear. Individual strands of hair can be given more depth by using darker strokes and thus look more realistic.

Draw long hair: Dark hair

Draw the individual strands of blond hair

The trick with light hair is to draw enough darkness in the right places and almost nothing in others.

It’s best to start with a 2H pencil, as it’s very light and you can confidently start drawing fine strands of hair from the hairline and ear. To make it look natural, the individual strokes should be drawn neatly next to each other, but of different lengths.

Two strands cover the ear, but stupidly I have already drawn it. I’m using the eraser, because simply drawing over it does not work with light hair.

Draw long hair: Light hair

As soon as the two strands are finished, I again add the missing parts around the neck, ear and jaw. As soon as there is free space in the hair where you can see parts of the body, I would draw these areas first. Sometimes you can focus so much on the hair that you end up filling these areas and then the hair just looks too full and fake. Therefore, free spaces are always good to use in moderation.

Draw long hair: Light hair

The next step is to draw each strand one after the other. Within a strand there can already be fine shadows, so it can’t hurt to draw darker strokes. Since we draw with a 2H pencil, it can luckily never really get too dark.

Draw long hair: Light hair

All strands that are in the back of the head should be darker than the rest since it is in a shadowy area.

Draw long hair: Blonde Hair

Step 3: Draw natural chaos of hair

At this point we have created a good basis for both dark and light hair. Now it’s time to bring a lot of chaos into the action! In the examples a wind is blowing from the right side of the drawing, which makes single hairs blow around wildly.

→ Jump to blond hair

Draw natural chaos with dark hair

Even without wind you should always let some single hairs stick out. The only exception is wet hair, and if you look at the pictures above this paragraph again, the hair really looks a bit wet without any hair sticking out, doesn’t it?

Draw hair in the wind

Some single hairs should fly over the face as well.

How to draw hair

At this point, let’s take a brief look at the back of the head, which clearly lacks depth. This can be solved quickly with a 4B pencil.

How to draw hair step by step

Finally, the remaining strands of hair are also provided with sticking out hair. We are done with the dark hair.

Draw dark hair

Draw natural chaos with blond hair

Hair always stands off in some places or - as in this case - blows slightly in the wind. If you have blonde or light hair, you should use the 2H pencil again for these individual hairs (maybe even a 4H if you want).

It is very important that the individual hairs are drawn very fine and bright. Blonde hair can form shadows within a strand, but a single hair will not do this. If you draw them too dark, everything will look very strange.

Draw blonde hair

One does not immediately notice the chaotic, single hairs in blonde hair, but nevertheless we should not forget this step if the hair is to look natural.

Draw blonde hair

Last but not least we grab an HB pencil. Even though you shouldn’t get too dark on blonde hair, you can use the HB Pencil to create darker, soft shadows in some places to give the hair more depth.

Draw blonde hair

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