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How to Draw Eyelashes (realistic)
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How to Draw Eyelashes (realistic)

Learn to Draw Different Lashes

Drawing eyelashes is very simple because you only need to be able to draw curved lines. More important than the line itself, however, is where you start the line. One of the most common mistakes beginners make when drawing eyelashes is to start them directly at the eyeball, but you actually should start with a little distance on the respective eyelids in the so-called lash line.

Drawing Full, Curved Eyelashes

For full, curved lashes, it is important to apply a single curved stroke to each lash.

Start at the edge of the upper eyelid, pull the pencil down a bit, and then upwards in a curve.

The curve of each eyelash line depends on its position on the eyelid: further out, we make the lines rounder, further in the middle, there is only a small, tight curve near the eyelid.

Drawing Curved Eyelashes

Irregularity makes the lashes look natural, so you should set the pencil sometimes higher, sometimes lower, or mix a few straight lashes within the curved ones.

Tip: There is less eyelash growth in the area near the inner corner of the eye.

Drawing Full and Curved Lashes

Eyelashes on the lower eyelid look natural if you draw them in small groups, use different lengths and mix in some straight lashes. The main thing is that they are less full than their neighbors on the upper eyelid.

Drawing Beautiful Lashes

To understand and practice drawing eyelashes I would recommend always starting with full lashes. Since they grow close together anyway, it is not bad if you put one lash in the wrong place. With few eyelashes, mistakes are immediately noticeable.

Drawing Eyelashes

Once you have the hang of it, you should have no more problems drawing shorter and less full lashes. The concept is the same, but you draw fewer lashes and draw them a little lighter.

Drawing Short Eyelashes

Drawing Straight Eyelashes

Straight eyelashes can be a little tricky because in many places they do not point upwards and grow towards the observer. Therefore you draw them with very short strokes.

Near the outer corner of the eye, the lashes can take on a slightly curved shape.

Drawng Straight Eyelashes

To give the lashes a little volume, fill the area at the base of the lashes on the eyelid with small strokes. However, do not draw too many strokes upwards, as most lashes should be straight and therefore protrude further down.

Draw the lower eyelashes as in the previous examples, but still less thick than the lashes above.

Draw Straight and Short Lashes

Practice Drawing Eyelashes Regularly

So, if you’re looking to up your eyelash drawing game, practice regularly! Draw them in different styles and thicknesses. You may not become an expert overnight, but with a little bit of practice, you will be able to quickly and easily draw beautiful eyelashes. If you want more tutorials like this one, check out the similar posts below or the menu for more helpful tips.

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