Drawing Sailor Moon (realistic)

Drawing Sailor Moon (realistic)

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As a kid, I was a huge Sailor Moon fan and started several times trying to draw all the Sailor Scouts. Unfortunately, this project failed at that time, because I tried to draw in the original Manga style, which I simply couldn’t pull off.

Almost two decades later I am now starting a new attempt and would like to draw all Sailor Scouts realistically. This style suits me best, drawing people is also great fun for me and therefore the project should definitely succeed this time!

Realistic drawings of the Sailor Scouts

It will probably take quite a while until I have drawn all Sailor Scouts. For the time being, I have set myself the goal of drawing the nine Sailor Scouts of the solar system in the 20th century, excluding Sailor Chibi Moon. I find it very difficult to draw children.

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter realistic drawing

Sailor Jupiter was one of my favourites as a child because she always stands her ground even without superpowers.

For the drawing, I changed her hair ornament, as the two marbles are light blue in the original. Also planet Jupiter is not quite correct in its proportions, because I should have drawn its eye much smaller.

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn realistic drawing

Sailor Saturn probably took the saddest role of all Sailor Scouts, which after an almost hopeless finale nevertheless took a positive turn.

Although I read a lot about Saturn before I started drawing it, so that I could choose the right colours and understand how many rings it actually has, I tilted it way too much and in the wrong direction. The correct angle of its tilt is only 26.73°.

More Sailor Moon artworks by other artists

Sailor Moon has carried a whole generation away and still has a lot of fans around the globe. While I was working on my drawings, I always looked at fascinating interpretations by other artists.

Sailor Mars from FalseDelusion
Sailor Mars
Instagram Deviantart
Sailor Jupiter from DigiFlohw
Sailor Jupiter
Instagram Website
Sailor Uranus from Susana Rodrigues Art
Sailor Uranus
Susana Rodrigues Art
Instagram Linktree
Sailor Pluto from Meike Schneider Arts
Sailor Pluto
Meike Schneider Arts
Instagram Linktree

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